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I am pro-choice, anti-bullshit and proudly feminist.

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Every Australian on tumblr tonight:

I love you, Tina Fey.

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[Another plausible reason as to why Elsa never left her room: She was too busy giffing Frozen. (Used the karaoke track from here)]


Do you wanna get off tumblr?
Come on let’s go outside!
You’ve been giffing Frozen for a week.
We never speak.
I can tell that it’s a lie.

When I ask you to hang out
And you tell me
That you have a stomachache
Do you wanna get off tumblr?
Oh would you please just get off tumblr
(One more post, Anna!)
Okay bye

Do you wanna get off tumblr?
I haven’t seen you in a year!
Just close your laptop and walk out the door.
It will be like before
If you’d please come out here!
(I’ll cut the wifi!)

It must get really lonely
In an empty room
On your own with just a blog!
Re-blog, re-blog re-blog re-blog

Elsa? I know you’re still in there.
You’re still the person I once knew.
I’m so done trying to get you outside,
But look on the bright side
I signed up too!

We only have each other
And this website too.
Please teach me how to gif.

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Waking up the morning of rounds


A more accurate picture of me has never been painted.

Honestly, I wouldn’t react any other way.

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